Communication issues are the number one reason people seek marriage coaching. Find out how coaching can help.

​My clients are amazing!
They don’t just talk about taking action. They take action.
They get results. They move forward in their marriages deliberately.
They become better communicators.
They become better at resolving conflict.
They feel closer to their spouses.
They recover from broken trust.
They discover more love, more purpose, and more happiness in their marriages.


They hire a coach.

Without awareness there is little hope for change.

Coaching is not therapy. We don’t explore your past or try to make sense of your childhood.

We simply glance back at where you've been, start where we are and move forward.

We focus on the future.

Who am I?

I’ve had a successful marriage for 25 years.

I created a series of lessons that helps people learn how to communicate better, resolve conflicts, rebuild trust, and repair their broken relationship.

I would love to help you rebuild your marriage. Give me a call today to schedule your appointment!   512-431-8594


If you want your marriage to be healthier

If you want to take action

If you want to be FEEL loved

If you want to BE loved

You need a coach.
I want be that coach for you!


Do You Need Help in These Areas?

  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Trust Issues
  • Financial Harmony
  • Infidelity 
  • Boundaries
  • In-Laws
  • Intimacy
  • Parenting Style Differences
  • Blended Family Issues



Rebuilding Trust

 HELPING COUPLES learn how to have peaceful, loving, strong MARRIAGES! 

Trust is difficult to repair, but it can be done! Let the Marriage Tutor teach you how to repair broken trust.

Do you have the same argument  over and over without resolving the issue?

Do arguments get out of hand? Book a session today!

Wendy Schneider



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