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Are you ready to make a BIG CHANGE in your marriage or current relationship?

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 HELPING COUPLES learn how to have peaceful, loving, strong MARRIAGES! 


Most couples find that they are a little nervous at the beginning of their first session. Don't worry! Wendy  immediately sets the tone for the coaching session and guides you through the process of learning and discovering what isn't working in your marriage, and more importantly, gives you concrete tools to help you change it!

Wendy will keep you focused on the goal of improving  your communication, finding more effective ways of resolving conflict, rebuilding trust that may be lost, and ultimately rediscovering the intimacy and passion you once shared. Most couples find immediate improvement  when both parties are willing to put in the effort.

-Wendy will listen carefully to you and your spouse  without judgment.

- Wendy will create a safe environment for you to share hurtful issues about your relationship. She will coach you and your partner using
effective tools that will help you both listen to what the other person is trying to communicate without arguing.

- Together you will identify areas that aren't working and develop new ways that DO work!

- Wendy will help you create a
customized plan to change what isn't going well in your relationship.

- Wendy will hold you accountable for CHANGE! The most important thing she will offer you is to be your biggest advocate for CHANGE. Her clients find that she is not just a passive person who sits and listens while you state the problems over-and-over again. She teaches you how to solve the problem. The best gift she will give you is the tools to help you
CHANGE your relationship and GET WHAT YOU WANT out of your marriage.

What is the difference between marriage counseling and marriage coaching?

Counseling - usually tries to solve the problems of the past to fix the present.

Coaching  -acknowledges the past and the pain and hurt associated with it, but keeps you focused on the present and the future by giving you concrete tools to use when problems from the past arise or when new problems occur.

Counseling-  Usually focused on healing pain from the past.
Coaching-  Uses tools that measure what currently isn't working and focuses on using those tools  to change the course of the relationship. 

Counseling- The counselor usually asks “Why?” "Why did things happen the way they happened?"  "What were the causes?"  

Coaching - Coaches ask questions like this: "Do you want a tool to help you see what is happening in the current relationship and work toward changing it in the future?" 

With coaching, there is motivation to get you to your desired destination, instead of dwelling in the past and wondering what went wrong and why. However, when the past does surface and gets in the way, it will be dealt with so that it does not get the way of your future success.

Where is your office located?
There are several ways to meet with  The Marriage Tutor

- Video Conferencing via Skype,  Zoom, FaceTime, or phone. Videoconferencing is a great choice for busy couples because you can meet from the comfort of your own home without needing to drive to an unfamiliar office. You and your spouse don't even need to be in the same state in order to work together with Wendy. Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive an easy to follow link and within a minute of pressing the link you will be face-to-face with The Marriage Tutor!


-​ If you're in the San Antonio area and surrounding cities, Wendy's office is mobile, so she comes to your location!  If you aren't comfortable  with someone in your home, you can meet at a neutral place like Starbucks or the park - anywhere you feel comfortable is where you will meet. Wendy brings all the worksheets and materials with her so you can focus on making your relationship better.

How long are the sessions?

Most couples find that they have a lot to say during their first coaching session. Wendy doesn't find it effective to cut them off after the first hour and make them wait until their next session to find a resolution to the problems like most therapist or counselors. Her philosophy is to spend as much time with the couple as they need in order to  make changes in their relationship.  Most issues can't be solved in a one-hour time-frame.  Wendy always block out at least three hours for the first-time client. Some client's budget only affords an hour, but oftentimes, clients are so excited about what they are learning that sessions will last 2-3 hours. The session is completely customized and driven by you, the client, and you get to decide how much time you're  willing to spend and learn at the pace you're willing to work. 

Do you offer evening appointments? 

Wendy offers some evening appointments, but be advised that they fill up very quickly due to limited availability.

Do you coach couples who aren't married?
Yes, Wendy coaches pre-marital couples as well as couples who are committed and in long-term relationships.