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What people are saying aboutThe MarriageTutor

"My wife and I have been married for almost 8 years, we are looking to strengthen our marriage as well as grow personally. This may not be common but this was our very first meeting with Wendy and.......WOW! breakthroughs, tears and epiphanies! She is professional, neutral, Honest, and facilitating, I'd like to use the word non-traditional. Her time is Your time. Give her a try. We're blessed and looking forward to a long-term relationship with her. The sky is the limit! Thanks Wendy!"

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"It almost feels like you're the angel that's come down to rescue us and I'm not a religious person :) I think I've said this to you before - but there's no way I could be where I'm at right now in this crisis had you not answered the phone that day. You've helped me see what problems there are and how I've been contributing to them and how I can work on my happiness and being a better version of me. I'm definitely into personal growth and this is by far the best personal growth I've ever experienced. There's just so much benefit from getting outside coaching help. I've been thinking of writing a book for many years and the topic I've been thinking about for the past year is around the subject of the importance of getting coached. I've seen just how beneficial this has been to me in my business and now in my life. If more people were open/honest/vulnerable and got coaching help early, I suspect that business, marriage, health, etc. success rates would be significantly higher in our world. Thank you, Wendy for helping me see..."


"Wendy is awesome! She has helped my fiance and I learn each other better than we ever could have without her and as a result we don't argue or fight anymore"

M & S

"Not what I expected, it was so much better. Wendy was able to hear my challenges with our marriage and she was able to give me the tools that I needed to help me zero in on the actual problem. I am so disappointed that I did not find her earlier but is was a blessing that we found her now.  We have been married for over 25 yrs and I have come to learn that every family has its problems. After my meeting coaching with Wendy the weight of the world fell off my shoulders. I feel so excited now and filled with hope that we will overcome this obstacle in our lives.  Cannot wait until our next session!"


"I've only met with Wendy once, and it was incredible! She instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease. Definitely knows what she is talking about, and gave me great tools for self-improvement. I am extremely excited to continue to meet with her and discover what the future holds for me."

G & T

"Hi Wendy! I wanted to thank you for the other night. It's only been a few days but it instantly felt like the tension had left us as soon as we finished the session with you..."

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"Thanks so much for meeting with me yesterday. It was a very empowering session!"