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Why should I hire THE MARRIAGETUTOR 

Let's face it...  in school we were taught math, science, history and language, but we weren't taught many other valuable lessons like how to have long-standing relationships and how to work together in a long-term relationship. Things like conflict resolution, communication, trust, being financially responsible to another person, love, and intimacy were not taught to us. A lot of people didn't have a good role models in a majority of these important areas. If we weren't taught to do these things, how can we be expected to know how to fix our problems when these issues arise in our marriage?

If I were hiring a relationship coach, I would want to make sure that the coach was living the type of life I want to have.

If I wanted someone to help me with my failing relationship, I would want someone who has been though good times and bad in their relationship. I would want someone who has had long-term happiness and success in their marriage.  Wendy has been happily married for 25+  years.

If I wanted  how to learn to work together with my spouse with the money we earn and how to spend it wisely, I would want someone who had actually obtained financial harmony with their spouse. Wendy has mastered this. 

If I had problems getting past a difficult childhood and creating a fabulous marriage despite wounds from the past, I would hire someone who has been able to get past those wounds. Wendy has done this.

Don't Take Marriage Advice From Someone Who Doesn't Have a Good Marriage!


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